The Hollywood Reporter Trade Magazine - June 10, 1998

Sweeney binds to 'Book,' likes 'Weekend' spot
Written by Josh Chetwynd

D.B. Sweeney is filling up his schedule. He will play a role in the indie film "The Book of Stars " for ShadowCatcher Entertainment and then join the cast of Granada Film's "The Weekend."

Jena Malone and Mary Stuart Masterson also star in "Book." Directed by Michael Miner and scripted by Tasca Shadix, the film began shooting this week in Washington.

The picture explores the relationship between two sisters in the aftermath of their parents' death. Penny (Masterson) is a prostitute who once wrote a brilliant book of poetry and Mary (Malone) is a teenager with a terminal illness.

Through the influences of an acerbic literature professor, a foreign boy who moves in next door and a prisoner (Sweeney) who writes mysterious letters to Penny, the fantasy world carefully constructed by the two sisters is upended.

Scott Rosenfelt and Marie Cantin are producing with David Skinner and Larry Estes executive producing and Roger Baerwolf and A.J. Cohen co-producing.

"The Weekend," which is based on a Peter Cameron novel, is an ensemble piece in which three friends meet on the anniversary of the death of a man who was related to each of them by either blood or love. The difficulty with trying to come to terms with the loss is compounded by the presence of three outsiders.

Gena Rowlands, Brooke Shields, Jeremy Northam, Deborah Kara Unger, Jamie Sheridan and James Duval are committed to star in the project. Sweeney will play the departed man, who is featured in a series of flashbacks.

The movie, which is from writer-director Brian Skeet and producer Ian Benson, begins shooting in July. Granada is financing and exec producing the film.

Sweeney, who is repped by ICM's Jason Barrett and Ron West, is starring in the Act Theater production of "Death of a Salesman" in Seattle.

His credits include "The Cutting Edge," "Roommates," "Eight Men Out" and "Memphis Belle."