Date: Wed, 07 Jan 1998 17:55:17 -0300
From: <>
To: Mary Stuart Masterson Discussion <>
Subject: Introduction

Hello everybody!

Well, it's very quiet in here! I never thought I had succeeded in 
subscribing until recently, when I read the MSML messages for the first 

I was introduced to Mary's art by a group of friends here in Argentina, 
who were constantly trying to convince me of watching "At Close Range" 
because "the girl who plays Sean Penn's girlfriend looks like you". One 
Saturday evening, they had rented it on video & we all watched the movie: 
I was in awe, not only because I couldn't believe her outstanding 
performance but also for the fact that we were indeed similar (almond-
shaped face, thin eyebrows, small mouth, and even same haircut).

I do not consider myself a fan (although "F. G. Tomatoes" remains one of 
my true fave movies of all time) but always had the impulse to send Mary 
a picture of myself to see if I qualify as her stand-in (or at least, 
body double)  ;-)  ;-)

Now, getting serious, I approached her work because of this curious 
incident and, thank God, I'll never regret it: Mary Stuart's indeed one 
of a kind.

Kind regards,

PS: - A question out of my curiosity -
What do you think of the open ending of FGT? Didn't they put it as if Mrs. 
Threadgoode was the real Idgie? We all know from the paperback novel that 
the old lady was married to someone in the family (hence the adopted 
surname), therefore she couldn't have ever been Idgie.

PS2: Are there any plans of releasing an uncut version of the movie in DVD 
or in other format? It seems the scissors left out the best parts...