Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 22:29:46 +0100
From: Eilis Kerr <>
To: Mary Stuart Masterson Discussion <>
Subject: Re: Survey?

Previously, Allen Oh <> wrote:
> 1. SKoW
> 2.
> 3. Fried Green Tomatoes
> 4. Benny and Joon
> 5. Immediate Family
> 6. Heaven Help Us
> #2 should be left blank as there needs to be a gap shown between SKoW 
> and everything else.
> -Allen
> P.S. I just got the movie poster for SKoW--I have it hanging up on my 
> wall now, its sorta cool.

Hmm, didn't like Benny and Joon much - I thought Immediate Family (also
featuring the excellent James Woods) was a much truer and better
performance.  Mind you - this is all IMO!

Gap between SKOW and FGT?  I love both films, but FGT was a meatier
role, and if I leave a line it increases the email size. <vbg>

And I had forgotten about Heaven Help Us - here in the UK it's entitled
Catholic Boys.  Which is the better title????

I've also got the US quad for SKOW, it's a really good poster.

And if anyone's interested, I've got a list of samples from SKOW that
I've done - I might stick up a web page for them if there's enough
interest and if I have the space!

Eilis Kerr
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