Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 13:38:52 -0800
From: Johnnie J. Young <>
To: Mary Stuart Masterson Discussion <>
Subject: Re: SKoW book

Previously, Allen Oh <> wrote:
> I just found a mail-order place that sold some movie tie-in books, and 
> was surprised to see that they had a paperback of a novel based on "Some 
> Kind of Wonderful".  I was wondering if anyone here had seen or read this 
> before.

Yes, I bought that book back in 1987.  But then again, I pretty much bought
everything that was connected with SKoW.  It's your typical movie tie-in 
book and it was obviously written for a teenage-level audience.  Nowadays, 
the book is pretty hard to find.  But if you DO come across a copy, it's 
usually not that expensive because there isn't really much of a demand for 

Johnnie J. Young

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