Date: Fri, 06 Jun 1997 00:48:33 +1000
From: Yun Leong <>
To: Mary Stuart Masterson Discussion <>
Subject: Re: a pointless factoid

On Thu, 05 Jun 1997, Johnnie J. Young wrote:
> I have known that MSM is left-handed for many years.  Watch any of her 
> films, she always picks up everything with her left hand.  But I don't 
> think it's a pointless fact -- I think it's very interesting.  Another 
> unique thing about our favorite actress.

:) you make it sound so romantic :)

hey no one mentioned Bad Girls - gun kept and drawn from left hip

here's another for trivia: is MSM's original/real hair colour brown or
brownish red?  she looks damn good as a blonde though :)

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