Date: Thu, 05 Jun 1997 13:21:01 -0400
From: Idgie1164 <>
To: Mary Stuart Masterson Discussion <>
Subject: Hello...

Hello Allen.  I am also a huge MSM fan.  I became a big fan of MSM after
seeing her in "Some Kind of Wonderful," but she really captured my 
attention in "Fried Green Tomatoes."  She was absolutely phenomenal in 
that part.  The storyline in the movie really captured my interest, but 
she really brought Idgie Threadgoode to life for me.  In my opinion, she 
is one of the best actresses out there.  Unfortunately I think she has 
been typcast because of the "tomboy" type roles that she has played.  I 
always rush to the theaters to see any new movies that she is in.  I also 
enjoyed her in "Bed of Roses," but I wish I could see more of her in a 
FGT sequel.  I heard they were working on a sequel, but the project 
stalled when Jessica Tandy passed away.  Unfortunately, I heard that MSM 
doesn't really have a part in the movie, the sequel, Tomatoes II, is going 
to focus on the "Big George" character and his family.  Anyway, I just 
wanted to let you know that I share your passion for MSM and wouldn't mind 
talking more about her with you sometime.