Date: Wed, 07 Jun 1995 09:27:37 GMT0BST-1
From: Mike Farmer <>
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Subject: Re: Benny & Joon original characters

(I'll just line up the old equine cadaver here, to give Darcy a
clear shot...)

I wish I could give some examples here but, as I said, *everything*
is packed away except the videotapes -- I can't find a box big enough
for them all! The screenplays were one of the first things to be
packed because I thought "I won't need them between now and the
move". Hah!

Anyway, when I was reading the screenplay, there were some scenes
where (by my reading) Joon was quite spiteful towards Benny. Also,
Sam came across in some scenes (again by my reading) as just plain
stupid. It was just a matter of emphasis, I guess. I felt that MSM
and Depp played Joon and Sam as innocents, ill-equipped to deal with
the complexities of the real world but finding companionship with
each other -- at times, it seems as though Joon and Sam are the least
dysfunctional of all the characters (especially Mrs Smale). That
innocence isn't always there in the screenplay.

As I say, that's what I got from my reading of the screenplay. Hope
that helps.


Mike Farmer,
CDS TelePath, Birmingham, UK.

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