Date: Tue, 06 Jun 1995 14:23:10 EDT
From: Darcy Harris <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: Re: Benny & Joon fire


Having just moved myself two months ago, and moving again in August, you
have my sympathies.  Good luck with the moving.

Not to beat a dead horse, but how exactly were they less likeable?  I mean,
Joon was very engaging (as of course was Sam) and I have often wondered if
even given the screenplay that was finally filmed, if they would have seemed
less likeable if they had not been played by actors that were so good looking
and inately charming (Depp and MSM both).  I thought Benny was an interesting
character study with that too ... there were times you just didn't know if
he was inately a jerk trying to be nice, or a nice guy pushed too far.  I mean,
one thing I LIKED about Benny's character was how 3D he was; he had a very
obvious martyr complex and in general blamed Joon for all his own failures
in life -- with women, with being stuck as a mechanic and not being able to
travel (did y'all notice how he had all those posters of exotic places all
over the garage in place of girlie pictures -- very well done, IMHO) and
that Joon finally pegged him on it with:  "You need me to be sick."

"She paints, she reads, she lights things on fire."