Date: Tue, 06 Jun 1995 08:45:41 EDT
From: Darcy Harris <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: Re: Entertainment Weekly Article B&J

> I know of thirty-four potential buyers -- us!


No kidding!

And while we are on the subject ... does anybody know where the fire
sequence was, and why they cut it?  I am assuming it is when Joon burns the
picture of her and Benny in the sink -- I remember my friend Steve and I
watching that movie and Steve freaking out saying "that curtain and that
dishtowel are gonna catch on fire!  For God's sake turn around Sam!"
(He was rather drunk at the time -- and I think perhaps a bit more into the
movie than was good for him.  His mother was mentally ill.  At any rate.)
And now that I think about it they don't show the house -- Benny and Joon's
house, at all after Joon goes to the hospital, do they?  But again, I repeat,
anybody know why they decided to cut it?  Just a bit too dark maybe.  I don't
know, I think it would've added a new dimension -- Benny and Joon is one of
my all-time favorite movies, but the one problem I had with it was that it
DID seem to be a bit too -- not LIGHT exactly, but made mental illness look
like too much fun -- excepting the scene on the bus, of course.

Y'all probably already know this, but I thought it was interesting:  The
actress originally chosen to play Joon was Laura Dern, who opted out for the
higher paying _Jurassic Park_.  Jeremiah Chechik (sp?) said that when
Mary Stuart Masterson came on he did a slight re-thinking of his direction,
toning down the sexual tension existing between Benny and Joon, and found that
it worked better, being evident, but more subtle and therefore a bit more
accesible and less disturbing -- disturbing in a different way.  What do
ya'll think?   I admire the hell out of Laura Dern as an actress, but I
somehow do not see her pulling off scenes with the grace of MSM in that
movie.  (Like the scene where she asks for raisins.  That one near about
broke my heart.)

But at any rate, I'm already taking up too much bandwidth.