Date: Mon, 05 Jun 1995 16:50:23 GMT0BST-1
From: Mike Farmer <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: Re: questions

> Forgive me now if I ask list members a few questions: What film should I
> see next?, and is there any truth in the rumour that FGMII is in the
> pipeline? - with MSM hopefully.
> Thanks
> John G

I'd suggest "Immediate Family" and "Some Kind Of Wonderful".


PS: Glad you've stopped using the "Selwyn" in your name.
PPS: That's a UK joke, folks.
PPPS: That's a pretty *bad* UK joke, too.

Mike Farmer,
CDS TelePath, Birmingham, UK.

"Is this heaven?"
"No, it's Iowa."