Date: Mon, 05 Jun 1995 09:36:40 -0400
From: John Gummer <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: Re: questions


I'm also new to this list.

I only saw the wonderful MSM for the first time recently as Idgie in FGM.
I never normally follow individual actresses, but her performance was
so good that I have since tracked down Benny & Joon, Bad Girls and
Married To it, where I found her presence equally impressive - albeit
the saving grace for the later two films.
Info etc. about her appears to be as thin on the net as it is here in the
UK - the internet movie database apart, although I do know her two new
films are called Amelia and the King of Plants and Heaven's Prisoners.
The release dates seem a little unclear though.

Forgive me now if I ask list members a few questions: What film should I
see next?, and is there any truth in the rumour that FGMII is in the
pipeline? - with MSM hopefully.


John G