Date: Thu, 18 May 1995 07:59:34 EDT
From: darcy harris <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: Re: Two New MSM Films in 1995


Cannes huh?  It would be great if she could pick up an award or a
nomination.  MSM is just such an incredible actress that I think American
critics have difficulty seeing that -- it's almost like she's TOO good.
You (at  least I) so completely forget that she's not who she's playing
that it's a shock to realize Oh yeah, this is an ACTRESS not Idgie, Joon,
Terry, et. al.

Does anyone remember that interview in _Interview_ from a few years
back.  That's basically what the writer said ... so IOW I don't take
overmuch credit for original thought.  :)

Oh, and don't worry Mike, Demi and I are doing lunch later this week and
I'll make sure she gives Bruce the message to call you.  8)