Date: Tue, 16 May 1995 11:50:15 GMT0BST-1
From: Mike Farmer <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: Re: Long or short hair?

> Okay, I just gotta ask...
> How does Mary Stuart look better?
> With long or short hair?

Now this is a question that cannot be answered in a simplistic "Short
hair good, long hair bad" manner.

For example, we have (Exhibit A) short hair in "Chances Are":
definately one of the best hairstyles so far, if not the best, and
closely followed by (Exhibit B) short hair in "Some Kind of

However, we also have (Exhibit C) long hair in "Radioland Murders"
and (er, Exhibit C-2?) "That Film With The Horses That Kevin Doesn't
Like Us To Mention": both good hairstyles.

Against this, we've got (Exhibit, er, E -- no, D), short hair in "At
Close Range" and (Exhibit -- ah, forget it) shortish hair in "Heaven
Help Us" and "That Film With Gene Wilder That *I* Don't Like Us To
Mention": all ungood hairstyles. And as for "Amazing Stories"....

I think that, in the end, one cannot get away from the fact that it
is not the hair that counts, but the owner.


Mike Farmer,
CDS TelePath, Birmingham, UK.

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