Date: Fri, 12 May 1995 23:27:19 -0700
From: Johnnie J. Young <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: "Amelia and the King of Plants"

In today's issue of The Hollywood Reporter (May 12, 1995), page S-92,
there is a photo from "Amelia and the King of Plants."  It is included
in an article listing which films are going to be at the Cannes Film
Festival in France.

The photo is black and white, with MSM looking radiant and Christian
Slater leaning his head on her shoulder.  They may be sitting on a
bench, but I can't be sure.  MSM has shortish hair and the photo shows
off that beautiful long neck of hers.  I can't wait for this film to
come out...

The listing says:

  "Amelia and the King of Plants"
  (New Line Cinema; U.S.A.; Comedy)
  Director: Michael Goldenberg;
  Cast: Christian Slater, Mary Stuart Masterson.
  A workaholic financier is swept away by a love-struck florist.
  (product reel)


Johnnie J. Young