Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 10:38:37 -0400
From: Cindy Van Vreede <>
To: Multiple recipients of list MSM-L <>
Subject: Fried Green Tomatoes

Hi All:

To answer a question:  Flagg's cameo.  She plays the instructor at the 
class Kathy Bates attends.

Other notes:  Besides the movie soundtrack, a movie score on CD is also
available.  I think of the soundtrack as Evelyn's story.  The score is

The Whistle Stop Cafe is open for business in Juliette, Georgia.  I've been
there.  The walls are lined with photos from the filming.  They give
complimentary fried green tomatoes with every meal, or you can order a
separate plate of tomatoes.  Most of the other buildings in the town are
antique shops, and some of them sell photos taken during the filming.  I 
got a nice picture of the Mary Stu, Mary Lou, and Smokey taking a break 
outside the cafe.  The river is just across the railroad tracks from the 
cafe.  And the trains go by frequently.  The grain mill is just a tad down
the tracks.

I can't begin to describe the magically feel of the place, but it is some
place very special.  There is a guest book at the cafe, and you can see 
that people have come from all over the world to share the experience.  
It's amazing the way strangers open up and become friends at the cafe.

When I arrived at the cafe there was a group of young men eating at one of
the tables.  I was kind of surprised because I didn't think it was a movie 
the young guys would like.  (I think of FGT as a chick movie.) They left 
the cafe at about the time I was leaving, and they asked me if I could take
their picture.  I took they're picture and they took one of me.  I found 
out that the group of young men were from a university in Texas, traveling 
around the south in a 1957 pink Chevy. I asked them to pull the car up in
front of the cafe for more pictures and they did.

Just as I was ready to leave, I was sitting on the porch of the cafe.  I
grabbed a paper placemat from the cafe because it had a history of the 
grain mill printed on it.  As I was sitting there an elderly woman came up
to me.  She said, "I've been coming to this cafe twice a week for months 
now, and I never thought to take a placemat."  With that she went into the
cafe to get one.

I'm going to Georgia again in June and I plan on visiting the cafe again.