PARTY (1995)
An ironic dark comedy concerning a hangman, a prostitute, a thief and a drunk trying to make some sense out of the revelation that they are the last four people on earth. But when a mysterious stranger appears out of the desert claiming to be God, they realize that they have more serious problems.
CAST: Gary Coleman, Floyd Harden, DeAnna Hawkins, Ron Litman, Greg Nassief.
PRODUCER: Johnnie J. Young; DIRECTOR: Eric Swelstad; WRITER: Jay Woelfel;
PRODUCTION COMPANY: J & E Studio Productions;
RUNNING TIME: 31 Minutes;

"Party" had its worldwide premiere August 23, 1995 at the Laemmle's Sunset 5 Theatre in West Hollywood.

For information on the film, contact Johnnie J. Young, P.O. Box 1534, Studio City, CA 91614

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